Planning for life after high school can be tough, especially when it pertains to all things college related – from writing personal statements, finding scholarships, choosing a major, and finding a college that is the best fit for you. This is why Brave New World along with the Shyan Selah Foundation teamed up with Barnes & Noble for the College and Career Fair portion of the Shyan Selah Experience. Barnes & Noble has been a long time partner of both Brave New World and the Selah Foundation, and they value education as much as we do. During the event, Barnes & Noble will be in the room to provide useful resources to help students navigate and simplify the college process.

IN ADDITION as a part of their EDUCATOR APPRECIATION MONTH, every Saturday and Sunday between now and September 15th, Barnes & Noble will be giving educators 25% off their purchase. PLUS during the week of the Shyan Selah Experience (October 5 – 13th) educators will be treated again with 25% off their purchases!

We’re proud to be partnering with Barnes & Noble for the SHYAN SELAH EXPERIENCE on October 12th at the Federal Way Performing Arts & Events Center.